Client Feedback

It takes a lot of courage for anyone to talk about their pain or anxiety with a person they’ve just met, but it is the courage to ask for help is often rewarded with new insights and communication skills.

The following feed-back is from brave clients, parents and children, who each turned an important corner after working with me.  (All names changed to protect client privacy.)

“Thank you so much for helping us to talk to each other again. We weren’t in a good place till we got our parenting arrangements sorted. We manage to keep our comments focused on the kids now, and that’s making a big difference for all of us.”
Family referred for high post-separation conflict.

“Our kids are doing much better now. Please thank Janine for speaking with us, as we were moving in together. It felt like chaos all around for the kids, but I know how much it helped them to be given a voice in the process.”
Family needing support with step-parenting and their blended family.

“I used to worry a lot that Ellie may have the same anxiety disorder that made life so difficult for me.   Whether it was the sand-play sessions she had with you, or the things David and I talked about with you, that has made so much difference, I don’t know!   All I can say is that we are much more relaxed around each other now, and there’s more fun and laughter in our home.”
Mother of a 7 year old girl referred for anxiety.

“We’d been so concerned about Nick since I moved out of the family home.   His marks went way down, and he was getting really agro with his sister.  Janet and I thought we’d kept our conflict in the background, but there was so much more going on in his head than we realized.”

Father of 15 year old boy, who came for Child Inclusive Practice, while he and his former wife were working with me to create a Parenting Plan for the ongoing care of their children.

“This probably sounds kind of weird, but I actually like coming here. I think it’s because of all the soldiers, and monsters and stuff I get to play with in the sand-tray… I didn’t want to come when Mum first told me to, but you just let me play without talking… and then let me explain what it’s all about when I’m ready.”
11 year old boy, referred for A.D.D and over use of the computer.

“When my brother (Ben) left home, my Dad seemed relieved, but I was really sad. I didn’t know what might be happening to him, because I knew he got into fights and took drugs. Talking to you really helped. I think it was the stuff I did in the sand-tray that helped me to work out all my feelings about Ben. I was so confused before, but now I know that feelings aren’t good or bad. They just give us information, and that helps us to talk to each other better.”
16 year old girl, at risk of dropping out of school.

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