What We Offer

Relationship Counselling and Communication

Relationship Counselling and Communication

Take the first step in understanding the hurt, anger or unmet needs you are feeling in a relationship that is important to you. We help you understand what’s not working, and guide you towards healthy communication and happy re-engagement with each other.

Sand Play Therapy

Sand Play TherapyMany clients, particularly children and young adults find that working in a tactile way with sand and miniatures leaves them with a sense of relief or unburdening. It is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty expressing emotions, or describing what is troubling them.

Individual Counselling

Individual CounsellingIn every person’s life, there are times of sorrow and despair as well as times of joy.   Some of us experience our most painful or stormy days later in life, while others experience them as children or teenagers.   Our counselling approach is to support those who suffer with compassion.

Mediation and Parenting Plans

Mediation and Parenting PlansMediation is an excellent way for family members to move from concerns to issues, and issues to agreements. Many families resolve their communication difficulties this way and experience a new sense of hope and aliveness in their relationships.