Individual Counselling

In every person’s life there are times of sorrow and despair, as well as times of joy. Some of us experience our most painful or stormy days later in life, while others experience them as children or teenagers.   Our counselling approach is to support those who suffer with compassion.

While anger, loneliness and fear may all arrive together in a time of crisis, we help our clients to  identify the important journey each emotion is taking them on,  empowering them to gradually find their way through blame and judgement to acceptance and self- compassion.

Our approach

  • At As We Grow, we know that it is not uncommon to experience periods of anxiety, depression, addiction, grief or loss. As distressing as these experiences are, we them as opportunities for growth and learning.
  • We recommend a learning and development approach to change, helping clients to identify and express their feelings and needs without self-criticism or shame.
  • Mindfulness is an important aspect of our therapeutic work. We encourage clients to fully experience their emotions, while monitoring any thoughts or judgements that accompany them.
  • If you or your family member is suffering from the impact of severe abuse or mental illness, we can assist in referring you to a clinical psychologist.

If you are unsure if my approach is appropriate to the concerns you or your family member are having, please consider the value of speaking with me directly about your concern on a Request a free telephone consultation.

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