Mediation and Parenting Plans

Mediation is an excellent way for family members to move from concerns to issues, and issues to agreements.  Many families resolve their communication difficulties this way and experience a new sense of hope and aliveness in their relationships.

Other couples may decide to separate and parent their children from different houses.  When this decision has been made, we work with parents to protect their children from adult conflict and co-create a sound parenting plan that focuses on each child’s individual and specific needs.

Children can recover from the pain of separation and divorce, but their mental health and well-being are likely to suffer, when moving between parents whose conflict is prolonged or entrenched.

  • When parents separate they often need support to transition from hurt and angry ex-partners to courteous, collaborative co-parents.
  • Our mediators assist you by facilitating conversations that focus on your child/ren’s welfare and development.
  • We support you in each step of the process, avoiding the heavy emotional and financial costs of solicitors and court hearings.
  • Learn how to focus on your child/ren during family conflict and avoid unnecessary trauma during separation and divorce.
  • We are experienced in consulting with children and young people as well as with adults.

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