Relationship Counselling and Communication

Many great marriages and relationships that start out with love, warmth and commitment become drained of feeling or flooded with painful emotion over the years.  Children arrive, family dynamics change, and many men and women forget how to express themselves to those closest to them.

We offer families vital coaching support in articulating their feelings and needs to each other: adult to adult; adult to child; and child to adult.  Subjects that were impossible to raise without angry  outbursts or withdrawal can be discussed openly. Each family member is encouraged to say what is most important but often most difficult to talk about.

Counselling, Coaching or Consulting?

  1. Clients who ask for counselling have recognised that things cannot continue as they are. They may be feeling confused or stuck and need someone to talk to who can shed some light on an issue in a solution-focused way.
  2. Clients who consult with us may be confident communicators, with a good understanding of the issues they are facing. They are looking for a professional with whom they can discuss their ideas and explore strategies on how to convert their ideas into a plan of action.
  3. Clients who respond well to coaching need encouragement to maintain motivation and focus. These clients may be stuck in old habits and patterns of behaviour and need support in practising new ways of thinking and behaving.

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