Sand Play Therapy

Many clients, particularly children and young peopleĀ find that working in a tactile way with sand and miniatures gives them a sense of relief or unburdening. It is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty expressing emotions or describing what is troubling them.

SandPlay Therapy of a young boy

This is the sand tray of a young boy, who is rallying his inner resources, (represented by the miniatures) to support him in living with a mother suffering from a mental illness.

Working with the sand and miniatures allows clients to express some of the thoughts, feelings and stories that would otherwise stay hidden in their subconscious mind and dreams.

As the inexpressible become expressible for a child or young person, clear expression of their feelings gradually replaces angry outbursts or withdrawal from family.

What is SandPlay Therapy?

SandPlay is a form of play therapy that respects the child’s/client’s self expression with minimal prompting from the therapist.

  • Clients are provided with:
    • a tray of sand,
    • miniatures of people, animals, objects, fantasy figures building material, bridges, fences etc,
    • water,
  • SandPlay allows clients to move beyond words alone, as a means of expression. Artistic skill is not important and there is freedom to mould, burrow, bury, break down, or embellish a sandtray as little or as much as we choose.
  • Moulding the sand with their hands to create images and structures, encourages clients to access their insights and intuition. While their ideas and stories may have felt inexpressible before, they become more real and tangible in the sand tray.

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